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Marion Scott Real Estate, Inc.

Marion Scott Real Estate, Inc. (“MSI”) is a full-service residential property management firm with a specialty in affordable housing. Formed in 1990, MSI currently manages over 8,000 apartments under virtually every type of federal, state and city housing program. We have a wealth of experience administering properties financed under Section 8, 236, Public Housing, 202/8 and handicapped, Mitchell Lama, Low Income Housing Tax Credit programs, State aided condominiums and SIP site programs.

As a full service property management firm, our systems are geared for the monitoring and compliance with the US Department of Housing & Urban Development (“HUD”), New York State Homes and Community Renewal (“HCR”) and New York City Housing Preservation and Development (“HPD”) regulations.

MSI assures compliance with relevant regulations and statutes at all levels of government and secondary mortgage lenders. Each year, independent auditing firms conduct full audits of our developments, in accordance with GAAP requirements. The opinions rendered at the conclusion of the audits are favorable without exception. Our technology allows staff to continuously monitor critical operations such as ongoing occupancy procedures (certification and annual income reexaminations), financial reporting, management inventory and accounting requirements.

MSI also pursues HUD’s portfolio re-engineering options for various developments. This includes the successful completion of five Market-to-Market restructurings, acquisition, loan satisfaction and prepayments of HUD projects.

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