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Is MSI the answer to the management needs for my Property?

MSI is a full-service residential property management firm with a specialty in affordable housing. Our systems are geared for the monitoring and compliance with the US Department of Housing & Urban Development (“HUD”), New York State Homes and Community Renewal (“HCR”) and New York City Housing Preservation and Development (“HPD”) regulations.

If your property has issues or faces challenges in this regard, then the answer is Yes.

My Affordable Housing Property is struggling and is frustrated with present management – how can you help?

MSI specializes in the management of troubled projects. We have a proven track record of controlling costs, increasing revenues and producing budget surpluses at the properties we manage.

What are the services that MSI offers?

A seasoned team of professionals will be assigned to your property to:

  • Work with the Board on day to day issues and keep the Board informed of all situations
  • Prepare and implement a Plan for your Property
  • Prepare Forecasts and Budgets
  • Provide Proposals for any projects
  • Review all bills for payment with Board approval
  • Submit Monthly Reports
  • Assure Regulatory and Loan Compliance
  • Keep up to date on all Permits
  • Make sure the Property is up to code and violations or warnings are taken care of
  • Make sure all repairs are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Project Management of repairs and renovations
  • Manage and schedule the staff
  • Maintain Inventory lists
  • And much, much more…

If you would like to learn more about any of the services we offer, please contact us.

My Property has construction defects and deferred maintenance – can you handle these issues?


MSI has successfully administered hundreds of millions of dollars for major construction contracts in government-supervised developments. We have completed these projects ahead of schedule and under budget. To date we have completed over $500 million in construction projects. Not only have we completed contracts on time and ahead of schedule, we have done so in a regulated environment where exacting state and federal regulations on bidding, contract award, payment, and record keeping must be met. All the work was completed in occupied developments and was accomplished with minimum disruption to the residents and shareholders.

What is MSI’s most recent accomplishment?

In 2013, MSI saved Riverbay/Co-op City $1 million per month and hundreds of millions of dollars over time by securing a 35-year, $621,500,000 mortgage at an unprecedentedly low 2.4% interest rate.

What are your office hours?

MSI’s corporate office located at 2104 First Avenue, New York, NY 10029, is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Do you handle property management emergencies?


We have after-hours and weekend emergency numbers that are provided to all of our residents at each property we manage. Common emergencies such as broken pipes, leaking roofs, flooded floors, etc… are typically handled by on-site personnel.

Do you have online services and rent collection?


All of MSI’s residents enjoy the advantage of online services including payments.

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