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In Assisted Housing Assures Regulatory Compliance

An MSI “specialty” is the management of troubled projects. MSI has taken developments with deteriorated physical and financial conditions and restored their viability. Through a combination of careful planning and hands on day-to-day management, MSI has succeeded where a succession of property managers have failed. Our work is conducted in a regulated environment where record keeping, reporting and contracting must meet the exacting standers of HUD, HPD, HCR and other state and local agencies.

We have been called upon by government housing agencies to take control of developments included on HDC’s troubled project’s list. Our skills at managing developments with physical and socio-economic problems have resulted in our efforts being heralded by the New York City Housing Development Corp., the multi-billion dollar regulator of federally insured low income developments. The MSI strategies were profiled in a HDC annual report as the “model” of a successful turnaround program for troubled projects, (Lexington Gardens).

MSI has a proven track record of controlling costs, increasing revenues and producing budget surpluses at the developments we manage. HCR, which supervises 125,000 units of state and HUD financial low-income housing, engaged MSI to manage a 1,000 unit development plagued by financial problems and a deteriorating physical plant.

MSI has successfully administered hundreds of millions of dollars for major construction contracts in government-supervised developments. We have completed these projects ahead of schedule and under budget. To date we have completed over $500 million in construction projects, a large portion of which was funded by government grants. Not only have we completed contracts on time and ahead of schedule, we have done so in a regulated environment where exacting state and federal regulations on bidding, contract award, payment, and record keeping must be met. All the work was completed in occupied developments and was accomplished with minimum disruption to the residents and shareholders.

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