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Mr. Freedman, Secretary and General Counsel of Marion Scott Real Estate, Inc., is an attorney active in the practice of the law. He has represented varied business and technical clients and was formerly counsel to a U.S. Congressman. He was also active in various business and commercial real estate ventures, both as investor and as General Partner. In addition,

HerbertFreedman oversees the Marion Scott Group of companies for man years, he was one of the most acive housing practitioners in the state representing Co-op City in the Bronx, Lincoln Towers, Schwab House, Lindsey Park in Brooklyn and the Tenants at 80 Central Park West. He became Vice President and General Counsel to a Chicago based real estate developer with direct responsibility for the $32,000,000 condominiumconversion of Acaia on the Green, Lyndhurst, Ohio, in addition to coordination of other conversions in Florida and Illinois.

Herbert Freedman’s legal and real estate experience runs the gamut. He has undertaken a cooperative conversion in Forest Hills, New York for the New York City Housing Authority, acted as counsel for the new construction condominiums in New York City and Long Beach, and a rehamilitaion conversion in Park Slope. He was also counsel to many New York cooperatives, condominiums and tenant associations.

Mr. Freedman earned his Bachelor of Art from Hunter College of the City University of New York and JD from Brooklyn Law School. He was also a member and later President of the Dobbs Ferry Board of Education.