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Over 30 Years of Success.

Full-service residential
and commercial property management.


Marion Scott Real Estate, Inc. (“MSI”) began in 1990 and has a track record of over 30 years successfully managing residential and commercial properties.  As a leader in the industry, our portfolio includes 7,000 apartments and 100 commercial units across the Northeast with the greatest concentration in New York City.  Building on our 30+ years of successes in the affordable housing, mixed-use and commercial arenas, our full-service platform is positioned to add significant value across all markets.


What sets us apart from our competition is our pro-active problem-solving expertise and high-touch approach to day to day management. These strengths drive what has become our excellent reputation and facilitate our consistent accomplishments in capital improvements, maximizing revenues and reducing costs for our clients.


Property Management

MSI has successfully managed residential housing for over 30 years.  Our strengths include hands on management, creative solutions to challenges and prudent financial administration.  What sets us apart from others in the industry is our extensive... 

Property Management

MSI has built a long track record of success owning and managing commercial properties. Our portfolio includes retail stores, open air shopping centers, retail complexes, fitness developments, restaurants, commercial offices and parking facilities...

Project Management

One of our greatest strengths in connection with our residential and commercial property management is our expertise in identifying and executing capital improvement projects.  Our resourcefulness in project management extends from our...  

& Compliance

For many years MSI has achieved remarkable outcomes on the critical matters of environmental and sustainability transformations.  Through our rehabilitation and capital improvement work alone, we have invested thousands of hours on resourceful and innovative solutions...


Our pro-active, problem-solving expertise and high-touch approach sets us above the competition.

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Marion Scott Real Estate, Inc.

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