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Marion Scott

Marion Scott

Marion Scott founded MSI with his partner Herbert Freedman in 1990.  Mr. Scott is one of New York’s leading experts in government assisted housing management with over fifty-five (55) years of experience in real estate development and management. By the time Mr. Scott and his partners sold 4,000 apartments from their portfolio in 2005, they managed over 28,000 apartments with real estate valued at over $5 Billion.


Prior to founding MSI, Mr. Scott held many key roles in the affordable housing industry. He was Vice President of Resources Property Management Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Integrated Resources Inc., where he was responsible for their subsidized housing portfolio. Before joining Resource Property Management Corp., Mr. Scott was Director of Housing Management for the New York State Urban Development Corporation. He was also engaged as a special consultant to the Governor of the State of New York. In this capacity Mr. Scott assisted the shareholders of the Riverbay Corporation (Co-op with 15,372 units) in their effort to reorganize, develop, operate and manage programs aimed at short and long-range stability.


Mr. Scott has held various roles consulting as the leading expert with city government housing authorities on their affordable housing programs. He continues to be one of the nation’s recognized experts on public and publicly
assisted housing.


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